Carnedd Dafydd

OS Grid ref:- SH662630

Carnedd Dafydd, rising to 1044 metres (3,425 feet) is the third highest peak in Wales and the second highest in the Carneddau massif.

Carnedd Dafydd is situated to the south west of Carnedd Llywelyn (3,491 feet / 1,064 metres) and to the north of Pen yr Ole Wen (3,209 feet / 978 metres) the mountain is on the main ridge of the Carneddau and lies on the border between Gwynedd and Conway County Borough.

In common with most of the mountains of the Carneddau range, it has a flat, boulder strewn summit plateau. On a good, clear day the views from the summit are superb, encompassing Mount Snowdon, the Isle of Anglesey and the Glyderau.

The name translates as "David's cairn" and it is widely thought that Carnedd Dafydd and its neighbouring peak, Carnedd Llywelyn were named after Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and his brother Dafydd ap Gruffudd, the last independent prince of Wales. An alternative theory states that the twin peaks are named after Llywelyn the Great, or Llywelyn ap Iorwerth and his son and successor, Dafydd ap Llywelyn.

A walk to the summit of Carnedd Dafydd

*(1) Commencing at Idwal Cottage by Llyn Ogwen, walk along the road to Glen Dena at the eastern end of the lake. Follow the track past the cottage until arriving at the farm entrance.  At the farm gate, proceed along the track on the right to a stile, after crossing the stile, follow the track uphill on the left of Afon Lloer. 

*(2) On arriving at a further stile, cross over and take the path on the right, then left, to near Flynnon Lloer. Just before reaching Flynnon Lloer, the path veers to the left and ascends to a rock gully. A gentle scramble leads to the top of the gully, from where the path goes on to the summit of Pen yr Ole Wen.

*(3) Continue along the path as it leads over Bwlch yr Ole Wen and skirts north/north-east around the edge of Cmw Lloer, passing over Carnedd Fach. A final gentle incline leads to the summit of Carnedd Dafydd. Retrace your steps to return.

Stay safe, by following a few simple rules when walking in the mountains:-

Obtain a reliable local weather forecast before you set off and plan a route suitable for forecast conditions.

Check your equipment before leaving, take waterproofs, spare warm clothing, hat and gloves. food and drink, a map, a compass and a survival bag.

Learn basic mountain skills, particularly navigation.

If weather conditions turn bad, turn back.

Don't rely on mobile phones.