King Arthurs Labyrinth

Visitors to King Arthur's Labyrinth at Corris near Machynlleth embark on an exciting adventure, as they sail along an underground river, through the great waterfall, and deep inside the spectacular caverns under the Braichgoch mountain and far into the past... into a world of myths, legends and storytelling.

Stories of King Arthur and other ancient Welsh legends are told as you explore the dramatic underground setting.

A further attraction is the Bards' Quest - where visitors are invited to take on the Bards' challenge to search for lost legends hidden in the Maze of Time.

King Arthur's Labyrinth and Bards' Quest are based at the Corris Craft Centre. Visitors can see the craftspeople at work and unique hand crafted items are offered for sale.

Visitors travel into the Labyrinth in parties of 20, leaving every 15 minutes. Groups may book in advance but it is important that they arrive about 30 minutes before they are due to go underground as the tours leave promptly.


King Arthur's Labyrinth and the Corris Craft Centre are located on the main A487 road between Machynlleth and Dolgellau.