Electric Mountain Visitor Centre

The Electric Mountain Visitor Centre (Mynydd Gwefru) in the Llanberis Pass is owned by the First Hydro company. The visitor centre, containing Europe's largest man made cavern, hosts interactive displays and exhibitions and a bus which travels underground transports visitors to Dinorwigg Power Station, deep within Elidir mountain's labyrinth of dark and imposing tunnels.

The hour long tour of the Dinorwigg complex takes visitors around the main features of the complex and includes the massive main inlet valve chamber, the world's fastest response turbine generators and films on the building and commissioning of the power station. The units have a dynamic response capacity, ranging from zero output to full power within seconds.

Connections Cafe and tea garden, children's soft play area and gift shop.


The Electric Mountain Visitor Centre is located on the A4086 in the village of Llanberis.

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