The Carneddau

The Carneddau group of mountains make up the largest continuous area of high ground in Wales. There are over twenty of its peaks that surpass 600m and six of these are amongst the highest peaks in the country. The range covers a vast area of nearly 200sq km.

The Carneddau range is very rugged and navigation can be difficult. Carnedd Llywellyn, which derives its name from the renowned thirteenth century Prince of Wales, Llywellyn Great, is the second highest peak in Wales after Snowdon and reaches 1064m, slightly higher than its neighbour Carnedd Dafydd at 1044m. Some of the peaks of the Carneddau have prehistoric summit cairns.

Carnedd Llywelyn

Carnedd Llywelyn

The range encompasses a number of lakes including Llyn Cowlyd and Llyn Eigiau. Slate black Llyn Cowlyd is actually a reservoir, it is the deepest lake in Wales at 222'. Bleak, barren and treeless, it measures two miles long by a third of a mile wide.

Stay safe by following a few simple rules

Obtain a reliable local weather forecast before setting off and plan a route suitable to those conditions.

Check your equipment before leaving, take waterproofs, warm spare clothing, hat and gloves, food, drink, a map, a compass and survival bag.

Learn basic mountaineering skills particularly navigation.

If weather conditions turn bad, turn back.

Don't rely on mobile phones.